The economic goals of the overall project have been defined as follows:

  • Increasing the efficiency in the internal workflow of the software activation

  • Reducing the number of support cases regarding registration

  • Being closer to the customer for support and marketing

Conceptual phase

  • Defining the necessary use cases and identifying the required functionality
  • Development of a solution concept for the application
    • Use cases
    • UML diagrams

Implementation phase:

  • Development of the structure of the application; back- and front-end in accordance with the architecture in the solution concept.
    • Registration and activation workflows
    • Frontend: web-interface
    • Database: user data, complete activation history
    • Interface to COM components

seantis gmbh developed the activation portal on Zope, the leading open source web application server. The CMS Plone is used as interface for configuration tasks and user management.

The system design allows an extension to handle the activation trough webservices instead of the existing webbased procedure.

The system makes heavy use of the Zope Archetypes framework, which supports the generation of new content types with a model-driven approach.


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