A pilot or flight logbook is a record of all flights by a pilot. A pilot has to independently keep account of his flights in order to prove his flight hours.

Flight Log is an online logbook for pilots. It offers a full range of possibilities:

  • It is a complete pilot logbook to keep account of all flights in a clearly arranged manner. Flight data can be exported and imported as CSV. The pilot logbook can be converted into a clear PDF document and printed. It is compliant to the regulations of the JAA (Joint Aviation Authorities).

  • All data is securely saved and worldwide accessible.

  • Flight routes, Airports and stopovers are shown on maps.

  • Flight Log offers a search engine to find any airport worldwide and shows METAR information (wind, weather, pressure , temperature) and another engine to find any registrated aircraft type in Switzerland.

  • The pilots flight data is proved by the data provided by the search engines. Wrong informations are not possible.

  • Flight Log also offers an automatic UTC-Time-Calculation

  • Statistic functions offer automatic reports and statistics about all flights of the user.

Flight Log is build with Python web application framework repoze.bfg.

Try Flight Log: https://flight-log.ch