External child care in the Canton of Zug

The portal offers an overview of the range of external child care offers and institutions on the Canton of Zug. The solution is based on the Zope/Plone application server and is embedded in the online apperance of the canton.

The solution is developed for the decentralized organization of external child care in the Canton of Zug and is made for different users:

  • Parents: To get an overview of the range of day-nurseries and available places. Searching a place is easy organised and the results are shown on a map. For each institution is additional information available and one can contact the day-nursery immediately.
  • Cantons’ administration: The portal is an instrument to navigate and report the developments in the child care section of the canton and it facilitates analysis of the
  • Managment of day-nurseries (Version 2.0): The management of child care institutions can advert free spaces and is responsible to keep ist appearance up to date.