Shared Access to Medical Records

Complementing its fine grained security model, OCQMS now supports shared data access between hospitals. Giving physicians from different hospitals shared access to patient health records increases the ease of collaboration and decision-making, resulting in better care.

Permission Levels

  • Granting access results in the sharing of all data - not just part of a patients record (e.g. a single visit).
  • Access permissions are managed on the patient level.
  • Access is granted to an institution and not to a single doctor within a hospital.

Granting access

  • Institutions will see all patient data since the inclusion of the patient.
  • Visits are not shared between hospitals: to add data a new visit must be opened.
  • Any user may be given access permissions. 

Revoking Access

  • If an access permission is revoked the users in the removed institution will still have access to historic data, but can no longer edit patient information (e.g. opening a new visit).
  • All users may revoke granted permissions (e.g. on patient's request).

More information about OCQMS: www.healthdata.ai