Martin Aspeli - sicher einer der grossen Plone-Insider - hat ein Buch über die Entwicklung von Webapplikationen mit Plone 3.0 geschrieben.

Das Werk heisst "Professional Plone Development" und ist bei Packt Publishing erschienen: CMS/book

"This book aims to teach best practices of Plone development, focusing on Plone 3.0. It covers setting up a suitable development environment, customizing Plone’s look and feel, creating new content types and forms, connecting to external databases, and managing users and groups intelligently. It also shows how to configure a production-ready server, with LDAP authentication and caching.

  • How to set up a suitable development environment
  • The importance of automated testing of any code you write
  • How to perform Plone customizations in a manageable, re-usable fashion
  • Techniques for branding Plone and changing its look and feel
  • How to safely install and manage third-party add-on components
  • How to create your own content types
  • How to create new forms and templates
  • Ways of interacting with external relational databases
  • Techniques for managing users and custom user metadata
  • Using Plone’s new AJAX framework to build dynamic user interfaces
  • How to set up Zope and Plone in a production environment
  • How to connect to an LDAP/Active Directory repository for authentication
  • How to configure a caching proxy to improve Plone's performance"