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i18ndude: "the swiss army knife for translators"

1. Easy_install i18ndude (probably as root or with sudo):

 easy_install i18ndude

2. Go to the locales directory of your product and (re-)generate POT file:

 i18ndude rebuild-pot --pot ${PRODUCT}.pot --create ${PRODUCT} ../

3. Synchronize the german PO file with the POT:

 i18ndude sync --pot ${PRODUCT}.pot de/LC_MESSAGES/${PRODUCT}.po

Or you can just use the following shell script to make your life easier (sh Replace "${DOMAIN}" with your domain and the language code with the ones you need.


# List of languages  
LANGUAGES="de fr"  

# Create locales folder structure for languages  
for lang in $LANGUAGES; do  
    install -d $lang/LC_MESSAGES  

echo "Extracting pot file"  
i18ndude rebuild-pot --pot $DOMAIN.pot --create $DOMAIN $EXTRA ../  

# Compile po files  
for lang in $(find . -mindepth 1 -maxdepth 1 -type d); do  

    if test -d $lang/LC_MESSAGES; then  


        # Create po file if not exists  
        touch $PO   

        # Sync po file  
        echo "Syncing $PO"  
        i18ndude sync --pot $DOMAIN.pot $PO