The table below shows how OCQMS scores according to a disease registry checklist:

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1Technology Choices

Web-based or Desktop Application | Web-based, no Client Software Installation required
Relational Database or Unstructured Data | Relational Database (e.g. PostgreSQL)
Programming Language | Python
Cloud deployment vs Physical ICT Infrastructure | (Private) Cloud Deployment
Open Source vs Proprietary | Open Source Software Stack

2Professional Software Development

Appropriate Software Project Management | Agile Development Methods
Well-structured, Commented Code | The Zen of Python (PEP 20), Style Guide for Python Code (PEP 8)
Version Control | Git
Issue Tracking | Trac
Documentation | Sphinx, Markdown
Software Deployment Instructions | Migration Scripts
Functional and Unit Testing | Test Coverage >99%, >2'250 Unit Tests
Deployment Process Documented | Configuration Management with Puppet
Strategies to Capture Community Feedback
| Release Manager, Ticketing System


Export/Import Functionality | CSV, JSON, Excel Export
Webservice API | Export API (REST)
Data Standards | SQL, XML, PDF
Ontology (Data Elements, Disease elements) | ICD-10, SNOMED CT
XML Interfaces* | DICOM, HL7

4System Design

| __
Customisable for a Specific Disease, Patient Registry, Clinical Registry | For Medical Practice and Clinical Research
Modular Design (New Features, New Data Elements, New Ontologies) | >30 Clinical Modules Available
Internationalization | i18n
Data Model
| Entity-Attribute-Value (EAV) Approach Combined with a Object Relational Mapper (ORM)


| __
De-Identification Process | Research Database incl. De-Identification Transformation
Two Factor Authentication | YubiKey
Multi-level User Access | Role-based Access Control (RBAC)
Work Groups | Group based Permissions on Hospital Level
Encryption | AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), 256-bit SSL Encryption
Audit Trail* | Full Audit Trail (TTW)

6. Sustainability

Ease of Exchange | Online Data Dictionary, Tabular Data Export
Effort Required | Seamless Integration into the Clinical Workflow, Report Generator

Future Proofing | Standard SQL Database for Data Storage

"Business Model"* | Software as a service (SaaS)

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    OCQMS is (not yet) open source: therefore the open source part has been omitted